No Texas Teacher Left Behind

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This is an excerpt from the article Martha Wright sent to Texas  It explains the beginnings of our group.  A recent email asking us if we were a legitimate web site prompted NTTLB to explain our genesis.



No Texas Teacher Left Behind is a grassroots, non-partisan organization created when a small group of teachers from Sabine Middle School in Liberty City met with a former trustee of the Teacher Retirement System to discuss concerns about salaries, health care benefits, and retirement issues. The trustee, Frank ‘Bo’ Camp, shared his knowledge of past events that affected teachers and reminded teachers of current issues in the 79th legislative session. From this initial meeting, NTTLB was born. Martha Wright, a teacher at Sabine ISD and Jan Doerr (retired teacher), joined hands with Bo and his wife Carmen, a teacher for Longview ISD, to create a web site, purchase ribbons, cards, pins, and banners, write letters to newspapers, and host meetings with area teachers. Their primary focus was to spread the word that an organization existed to unite all employees of public schools to become an effective voting bloc in the next state election. We have spread this message across Texas.