No Texas Teacher Left Behind

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NTTLB...working and voting to restore respect  for teachers from our governor and legislators

Mission Statement
Texas teachers love children, and they love teaching those children.  Our students have always been our primary focus. 
Having said that, Texas teachers must also attend to their own needs.    NTTLB wants to restore the respect owed teachers by our governor and by our legislature, secure pay increases, expand health benefits, and make retirement benefits equitable for all retirees. 
We feel that teachers are being left behind in salary and benefits as well as being left behind in the legislative process.   NTTLB is a grass-roots organization that wants to make permanent changes in how teachers are treated by our elected officials.
Our group welcomes teachers, aides, librarians, bus drivers, nurses, maintenance workers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, administrators, short, ANYONE connected with running a school.  We use the term 'teacher' to include all employees who contribute to the education and welfare of Texas students.
Furthermore, we invite parents to join our ranks.  If educators and parents unite, we can elect officials who are dedicated to educating ALL Texas students.

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